Journey Zoomer Electric Wheelchair

At Maxximum Mobility, we carry The Journey Zoomer! Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, our friendly staff will help you find the perfect wheelchair at an affordable price point.

The Journey Zoomer is a folding power chair that puts your mobility at your fingertips. With easy one-handed joystick control and extreme portability, Zoomer works indoors and out to help you go almost anywhere your heart desires. Now you can take that “roll” in the park you miss or shop until you drop without slowing down.

The Zoomer is not a traditional scooter or power chair but a personal electric vehicle—and the future of battery-powered transportation

The 33.4″ turning radius means it turns on a dime; this means you can easily navigate it in small spaces

Five speed settings, with speeds ranging from 0 to 3.7 mph

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Journey Zoomer

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